Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sorry (again)

Sorry about the lull (still) I left it so long with that Easter cake, I thought it best to save it for next Easter, but don't worry, I have some old cakes I've still not posted here yet to get around to!

Friday, 6 April 2012


Sorry I've not been updating. I know the blog is still new anyway, so it's probably not missed much, but I've had a family emergency recently which has taken up a lot of time, energy and thought that may have been geared towards this blog otherwise :(

I'm afraid my brother has been very ill and has been in hospital for over a fortnight now. He's had brain surgery twice in that time, and although he was meant to come home a few days ago, they've kept him in because he's been a little ill and they want to be sure.

I'm sure you don't need this level of detail in a cake blog, but I have done a few cakes recently, including a cute little Easter one I'd like to get some of it up here soon, but I'm mentally exhausted at the moment, as you may imagine. I'll try to get that up over the Easter weekend if I have time.

Sorry to all my loyal Kake readers. Normal service will be resumed shortly <3

Monday, 27 February 2012

Wine Gums cake

Hello cake fans! Sorry it's been a while. I have been making cakes, but not photographing them- I'm awful! Hopefully this will make up for it a little. I don't know if you can get this sweets worldwide, but here in the UK we have these sweeties called Wine Gums. They don't have wine in them, never have, they're just fruity but have names of different wines on each chewy sweet. Look at the photo I posted at the beginning of this post and see the wiki here:

Anyway. We got a request for a Wine Gums 30th birthday cake! So, as ever, my MIL was on baking and cake covering duties, and I had the task of making a bag of Wine Gums out of icing!

Below is step one. The bag. Covered in icing sugar still in places. I pondered how to let it dry in the right shape to put the sweets in, but then realised I should just shove the actual Wine Gums in there for it to dry around! No point in making the sweets out of icing. It would be tricky to get the jelly effect right, and sweets are edible, and go nicely with cake anyway, so why the hell not??
This is step two. I hand painted a logo exactly like the bag of sweets I had next to me. It was quite laborious, but worth it. There's a lot of shine on this photo as it's still wet.
And here is the finished Wine Gums packet, next to the REAL bag. I'm annoyed with myself as I know there's one sweet I forgot to paint on the packet.... I don't think anybody else cared. I even painted the tiny box in the bottom right corner that says "175 calories" Hee! The colours are
relatively true in this photo (my husband took this photo on his phone and it's better than mine)

And finally... the cake itself! I just handed over the bag I made to my mother in law, and she did everything else. The little glasses of red stuff I am told are jelly (or jello to you Americans) I thought they might be some sickly sweet alcoholic shot, but thankfully not! The tiers are a much deeper, brighter colour than the photo shows. Bright orange, lime green and luminous yellow to go with the sweeties!

In my personal opinion, I thought there were too many Wine Gums on the side of the tiers of cake. Obviously more than would fit in the bag, but artistic licence allows a few more. I just think it's a little overkill, but apparently there were bags of Wine Gums EVERYWHERE at the party, so perhaps it's not too many! What do you think?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cake lull...

Just saying I've not forgotten this blog, I've just actually had no cakes to do lately! I've just had a request for one for early next month, and I'm contemplating one for the end of this month for someone else as a present, but other than that it's a little quiet, unless my mother in law is keeping some quiet that she'll spring on me later!

I can show you something else I'm working on at the moment, it's not a cake but it's inspired by the last cake I did for my mum. Several people said how they loved the birds and would love it on canvas, so I've been working on that. Here's a sneaky peek, but it's not finished yet :)

I should probably enjoy the peace right now before the mad rush of Christmas cakes. There always seem to be birthdays and Christenings muddled in around Christmas too, but the peak wedding season in nearly over...

I'll trawl back through the archives sometime and find some photos of cakes I forgot to post here if it stays quiet on the cake front, or maybe post tutorials if anybody has anything they'd like to have explained to them? I have spare icing for now I can experiment with if I get bored :)

Monday, 5 September 2011

Bird cake

Well I promised I'd post it, and thankfully I'm actually really pleased with the outcome!

I hand painted the design using dust colours and gin and an itty bitty paintbrush, and the leaves, flowers and lettering are all from cutters. I dusted the flowers with some iridescent dust and then added edible glitter to the centres. The letters were from a ready mixed brown icing I bought (cop out, sorry!) and the leaves were made from the same stuff, but I put some dust colour and gin over the top in a darker brown, then wiped off the excess so it left the colour in the veins. Very simple and effective. Once it was all painted on, I also added edible glitter to the centre of the tail feathers and the wings on the birds.

Don't ask me what type of birds they are (like my dad did!) they jut came from my head. The whole design was from my head. They're probably like something else I've seen in the past, but I just did some sketches in preparation and this is what I came up with.

Overall it came out very well. It's not the flattest cake ever, but I don't care. I put a lot of love into that cake for my mum :)

Super husband has made a video again. YAY! I should make him do this for all cakes from now on.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cake in progress

I'm currently in the process of making a cake for my mum's birthday, and I'm nervous because this is the first cake I'll do 100% start to finish! I've baked them and they're cooling ready to sandwich later, hopefully, then I'll have to ice it with no assistance! I may have to rope in my husband as a second pair of hands to flat-ice it.

I have several plans for how it will be decorated in case of disaster (some cover up more flaws than others!!) so I'm not disclosing any design ideas yet! Luckily it's a gift and my idea, so I'm not working to any brief bar my own, so if it all goes rubbish, I'll throw a load of edible glitter at it and pretend it was meant to be that way!

Watch this space, I promise to post pictures even if it's awful...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog wedding cake

As promised, here is the Sonic the Hedgehog wedding cake I made for two very close friends of mine.

The bottom tier is chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and the top is plain sponge with vanilla buttercream.

The block the figures' feet are resting on is solid icing. It was more a structural element, but I think it actually brought the whole thing together. In my initial plan, the figures would be standing together on the top. I hoped that if I leant them in to each other lovingly, they would balance, but it was never going to happen as their legs are too spindly and their heads enormous!
I could lie and say I planned it all along, but I don't lie on here- cakes evolve and more often than not, they don't go according to plan, but the way they turn out is actually even better than the plan was!

The only none edible parts of this cake are internal supports- plastic dowels to hold up the cake board inside the cake, and a half a cocktail stick in each figure to hold their heads to their bodies. Yep, the rings are icing. Nothing but icing. They were made a couple of days before hand so they had a long time to dry, then only positioned on the cake on the morning of the wedding. By then they were solid as a rock. I made them by using two different sized circle cutters on some rolled out icing. I thought about dusting them with gold powder, but I thought in game the rings are yellow, so I'd follow suit!

I'm very proud of the figures. I spent a long time researching Sonic as I realised I didn't know as much as I wanted to know to get the detail correct. The pink hedgehog is Amy, who I discovered through my research, essentially stalks Sonic and is obsessed with him!! Oh well! My friends asked for Sonic and Amy, and I think it turned out romantic. I tried to put them in a pose where they looked quite soppy, and gave them wedding rings too. My friends are the sweetest couple ever, and I wanted to encapsulate their romance and how they are besotted with each other in tiny icing computer game characters! I tried to remove them from the cake in one piece when they cut it, but they came apart! They're still going to keep them and the rings in an airtight box as a memento. This is perfectly doable as long as they are kept airtight and out of sunlight, the icing should last. I have some pieces from my own wedding cake still!

I'm happy to answer any questions you have relating to cakes if you want to give these things a go.

Because my husband is awesome, he filmed a video going around the cake, for this blog, so you can appreciate it from all angles. I think it's a great idea of his so you can understand the size of the cake and see it from all sides with out lots of photos!


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